"A Centre of PPP Expertise"

  • The Public Private Partnership Unit (PPPU) is established under Section 8 of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Act, 2013 as a Special Purpose Unit within the National Treasury of the Government of Kenya (GOK).

    The PPP Unit's focus is to serve as the secretariat and technical arm of the PPP Committee, which is mandated with assessing and approving PPP projects in the country.


Recent News

PPP Projects Progress Report for August
Date : 20-Aug-2014


The PPP projects' progress report gives a current status of the fifty nine (59) PPP projects that have been published in the National PPP Priority List. The report is updated on a monthly basis.

RFQ, Civil Servants Housing in Nairobi
Date : 12-Aug-2014

The Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development  (“CA”) with the technical assistance of the Public Private Partnership Unit (“PPP Unit”) of the National Treasury  (“TNT”) of the Republic of Kenya hereby invites interested companies or consortia to submit (“Pre-qualification Applications”) to be qualified to bid on a Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) tender involving the financing, design, construction, and facility maintenance of 1600 housing units (the “Project”) in Shauri Moyo, 6400 Units in Starehe, and 1600 Units in Park Road, Nairobi. The three are distinct separate projects.

EoI, Transaction Advisory for Construction of a 300-bed hospital
Date : 12-Aug-2014

Kenyatta National Hospital seeks to contract a Transaction Advisor (TA) to conduct a feasibility study and advice on engagement of a Private Partner to construct a 300-bed capacity Private Hospital through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. The Hospital identified the need for construction of a 300-bed Hospital on PPP to improve its physical facilities, enhance revenue generation and promote medical tourism in line with the Kenya Vision 2030


PPPUnit in the Press

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First mover projects

The below represents the "First Mover" projects of the highest priority for IFPPP support:

  • Kisumu Port

    Kisumu Port is located in Kisumu County...


Principal Secretary's Message

Cabinate Secretary

Vision 2030, the country’s development blueprint, aims to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation, with a high quality of life, by the year 2030. To achieve this feat, there needs to be a deliberate...


PPPU Director’s Message


In nearly every country adopting PPPs as a broad instrument of policy, the need has been recognized for a “Centre of PPP expertise” which is the Vision vested with our Mission “To introduce and communicate the PPP policy...


PPPU's Mandate

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Under the PPP Act 2013, the PPP Unit is mandated to articulate the PPP policy so that its objectives and mechanisms are understood by Contracting Authorities and State agencies, funders, contractors, the press and the general public.


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