In accordance with Section 14 of the PPP Act 2013, the functions of the PPP Unit are to:

  1. Serve as a resource centre on matters relating to public private partnerships;
  2. Conduct civic education to promote the awareness and understanding of the public private partnerships process amongst stakeholders;
  3. Provide capacity building to, and advise contracting authorities or other parties involved in the planning, co-ordinating, undertaking or monitoring of projects under this Act;
  4. Rate, compile and maintain an inventory of public private partnership projects that are highly rated and which are likely to attract private sector investment;
  5. Develop an open, transparent, efficient and equitable process for managing the identification, screening, prioritization, development, procurement, implementation and monitoring of projects, and ensure that the process is applied consistently to all projects;
  6. Conduct research and gap analysis to ensure continuous performance improvement in the implementation of public private partnerships;
  7. Collate, analyse and disseminate information including data on the contingent liabilities of the Government in relation to a project;
  8. Make recommendations on the approval or rejection of projects prior to submission to the Committee for approval;
  9. Assist contracting authorities, where the unit considers it necessary, to design, identify, select, prioritise, appraise, evaluate and negotiate projects;
  10. Maintain a record of all project documentation;
  11. Review and assess requests for Government support in relation to a project and advise the Committee on the support that should be accorded in relation to the project;
  12. Assist the Committee in formulating guidelines and standard documentation required under this Act;
  13. Liaise with and assist the contracting authorities in their roles in the various stages of a project cycle;
  14. Ensure that the tendering process relating to a project conforms to this Act and to procurement best practices;
  15. Put in place measures to eliminate constraints limiting the realisation of benefits expected from a public private partnership; and
  16. Monitor contingent liabilities and accounting and budgetary issues related to public private partnerships with the relevant offices within the State department responsible for finance.