EoI, Prequalification of Transaction Advisors for PPP Projects

The objective of this assignment is to provide Transaction Advisory support to contracting authorities and the PPP Unit to develop and procure PPP projects in accordance with the PPP legislation in the country.
The detailed Terms of Reference for Transaction Advisors will be prepared on a project-by-project basis, but typically would include the following:
a. Preparation of PPP Feasibility Studies; and
b. Development of the Transaction Documents, tender process organization, and support on transaction implementation through to Financial Close.

The PPP Unit is looking for financial, legal and technical advisors with relevant skills and experience in preparing PPP Feasibility Studies and in designing and implementing PPP procurements across the following range of sectors:
 Transport, including roads, rail, ports, airports, pipelines, and logistics
 Energy, including power generation, transmission, supply and distribution, renewables, oil and gas exploration, development, processing, storage and distribution
 Mining
 Environmental including water supply (bulk and distribution), sanitation and solid waste
 Telecommunications/ ICT
 Accommodation including housing, mixed use developments and public buildings
 Healthcare including hospitals, diagnostic centres and equipment
 Education including schools, university infrastructure and equipment
 Prisons including facilities and services
 Municipal Services
 Rural infrastructure services

The RFQ is attached in the downloads section