Job Opportunity: Safeguards Specialist (Re-advertisement)

The Safeguards Specialist is expected to perform, and not limited to, the following tasks:

  •   Provide safeguards expertise for PPP transactions;

  •   Preparing internal environmental and social guidelines for the preparation, implementation, monitoring

    and reporting of environmental and social documents required by various safeguards instruments;

  •   Reviewing ESMF/ESMP/ESIAs/RPF/RAPs and other environmental and social safeguards documents prepared by consultants to ensure compliance with relevant safeguards policies of the Government of

    Kenya and the World Bank;

  •   Providing recommendations to PIU and MDAs accordingly and make necessary changes prior to

    submission of relevant safeguard instruments to the World Bank, ensure consistency in the level of

    proficiency and presentation of the documentation;

  •   Supporting PIU, PPPU and MDAs in the review of documentation pertaining to environmental and

    social compliance (including bidding documents, reviews on-site, reports from contractors etc.) during

    project implementation;

  •   Contribute to project progress reports pertaining to overall implementation of environmental and social

    requirements of the project;

  •   Coordinating and facilitating the work of consultants engaged to carry out environmental and social

    impact assessments and resettlement planning and monitoring of safeguards instruments


  •   Preparing training materials, and conducting technical training workshops to PIU, PPPU and MDA staff

    and project implementation agencies on environmental and social safeguards requirements;

  •   Undertaking field visits to ascertain if the grievance redress mechanisms established for the project are functioning appropriately and the individual projects are implemented in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner;


  •   Collation of appropriate performance and monitoring indicators to input into the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework of the project;

  •   Preparation of Quarterly/Annual Environment and Social Monitoring and Evaluation reports