EOI, Consultancy to Undertake a Feasibility Study on a 300-bed Hospital

Scope of the Work

The assignment shall be conducted by a team of eligible consulting firms/consortium and will cover but not be limited to the following scope of work;

a) The Consultant will provide all needed support, inputs, documentation, services and content for the Project, involving the following key stages:

i. Completion of the feasibility study including assessing both technical/project configuration and PPP options, technical due diligence of the selected technical option(s), demand/market projections, social safeguards considerations including environmental concerns, financial and economic analysis, modeling, stakeholder analysis, value for money and public sector comparator analysis, affordability and fiscal impact assessment and overall transaction structuring;

ii. Project marketing, including road show presentations/market sounding as recommended;

iii. PPP procurement strategy recommendation including the use of a Competitive Dialogue process or not, preparation of RfQ and RfP evaluation criteria, etc., as well as the necessary transaction documentation;

iv. Support the CA with preparation of necessary documentation to support the PPP Committee approval of the feasibility report.

b) Design of a detailed PPP Implementation Plan, based on the findings of the feasibility analysis.

c) Advise on the institutional and organizational framework and capacity building requirements for PPP transaction implementation and subsequent PPP contract management.

Deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is Tuesday 13th December 2016 at 1600 hours Kenyan local time.