EOI, PPP Unit Financial Modeler, Individual Consultant

1.          OBJECTIVE

The objective of the assignment is to provide:

§  Requisite financial modelling expert advice to the PPP Unit on key commercial, financing, funding, risk allocation, tax and procurement (together “financial”) aspects of PPP project identification, preparation and implementation based on experience and knowledge of the market’s ability to provide finance and bear risks; and

§  Financial modelling and project structuring capacity building of the PPP Unit, PPP Nodes and various other PPP bodies of the Contracting Authorities (CAs)


2.          SCOPE OF WORK

The Scope of Work in this assignment will include, but is not limited to, the tasks described below:

a)      Develop a financial model template for projects to be used by contracting authorities across various sectors and county governments including providing guidance notes

b)     Provide guidance on the preparation of PPP Project Proposals to the standard of a pre-feasibility analysis.

c)      Support Contracting Authorities, at both the county and national government level, to understand the preparation process of the simplified pre-feasibility financial model

d)     Screen and appraise, from the financial point of view, PPP project proposals submitted to the PPP Unit.

e)     Assist with the recruitment of Transaction Advisors (TA), including, as required, preparation of ToRs, RFQs and RFPs and advice on bid evaluation and TA selection

f)      Assist in the review of Feasibility Study reports submitted to the PPP Unit by contracting authorities and/or Transaction Advisors, and in particular, interrogate PPP financial models and reports.

g)     Provide support to CAs during the process of selecting a private party(ies).

h)     For active PPP projects, develop practical model review techniques for contract management and performance monitoring.

i)      Undertake regular research and gap analysis to ensure continuous performance improvement and development of best practices for spread-sheet modelling

j)      Provide advice on the PPP capacity building requirements of the PPP Unit and CAs

k)     Provide expert financial model assessment input into all aspects of the Unit’s PPP activities, including consideration of available and emerging Project Finance principles