SECTOR : Airport

  1. Kenya Airports Authority (KAA)
  • KAA was established by the Kenya Airports Authority Act, 1991 and is charged with the umbrella responsibility of providing and managing a coordinated system of airports in the country.
  • Section 12 (j) of the Act provides for KAA to enter into agreements with any person, for the supply, maintenance or repair of any property necessary or desirable for the purposes of the Authority.
  • KAA also has the right to levy charges and fees, subject to approval of the Minister, and to acquire land.
  1. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA)
  • KCAA was established on 24th October 2002 by the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act, 2002 with the primary functions of regulation and oversight of aviation safety & security, economic regulation of air services and development of civil aviation, provision of air navigation services and training of aviation personnel.
  • KCAA’s mandate is to plan, develop, manage, regulate and operate a safe, economically sustainable and efficient civil aviation system in Kenya, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act, 2013.
  • Section 8 (2) (d) of the Civil Aviation Act, 2013 provides for KCAA to enter into contracts, arrangements, agency, associations or partnerships with any person, Government agency or authority, whether, within or outside Kenya, subject to any limitations that may be set out by the Cabinet Secretary.