Draft PPP Project Facilitation Fund (PFF) Regulations, 2015

The PPP Act 2013 establishes a PPP Project Facilitation Fund (PFF) to support the PPP programme in the following ways,

  1. Support contracting authorities in preparation, appraisal and tendering of PPP projects
  2. Extend viability gap finance to PPP projects
  3. Meet any contingent liabilities arising from a PPP project
  4. Support activities of the PPP Unit in the delivery of its mandate

In this regard the National Treasury has developed the Draft Public Private Partnerships (Project Facilitation Fund) Regulations, 2015 to provide the institutional, governance and operational framework of this Fund.

By way of this general notice, we wish to invite comments from all stakeholders on these Draft PPP (Project Facilitation Fund) Regulations. A full copy text of the regulations can be downloaded from our website, www.pppunit.go.ke. Written submissions should be made through email address info@pppunit.go.ke/ ntuimising@pppunit.go.ke. Submissions can also be sent through the postal address,

PPP Unit, National Treasury,

P.O. Box 30007-00100


All comments should be received before close of business, 3rd April 2015.