Institutional Framework

PPP Committee /

The PPP Committee is the top policy organ on matters PPPs in Kenya. The Committee is responsible for PPP policy guideline formulation, projects approvals and monitoring and evaluation oversight of the PPP Program in the country.

The PPP Committee is chaired by the Principal Secretary at the National Treasury, with Principal Secretaries in the ministries responsible for Transport, Devolution, Lands, Energy, Planning, Infrastructure. Further the committee has four (4) members representing the private sector and a representative from the Attorney General’s Office. The PPP Unit Director serves as the Secretary for the Committee.

For more details on the functions of the PPP Committee, please refer to The PPP Act on Section 7.

Since 1996, Kenya has attracted private investments into the country’s economic infrastructure sectors including telecommunications, energy, transport, water and sewerage.

PPP Unit /

The PPP Unit is the ‘Centre of PPP Excellence in the Country’. The Unit is a specialised unit under the National Treasury, established under section 11 of the PPP Act of 2013.The main role of the PPP Unit is to serve as the secretariat and technical arm of the PPP Committee.

Further, the PPP Unit provides technical support (technical, legal& financial) to various government agencies (contracting authorities) keen to undertake PPP projects. In this regard the PPP Unit supports all the contracting authority undertaking PPP projects identify, appraise, procure, negotiate, contract and monitor the operation phase of PPP projects.

The full mandate of the Unit is detailed in section 14 of the PPP Act 2013


The main role of the PPP Unit is to serve as the secretariat and technical arm of the PPP Committee.

PPP Node /

The PPP Act 2013 Section 17 requires each PPP Project Contracting Authority (State Department, Agency, Corporation, County Government) keen to implement PPP Project(s) to establish a PPP Node that will be in-charge of a Contracting Authority’s PPP Program. A PPP Node is chaired by the Accounting Officer within a public institutions and has in its membership those in charge of the Legal, Finance, Procurement, Technical functions as well as any other critical skill that a Contracting Authority may deem necessary for the discharge of the mandate of the Node.

A PPP Node is responsible for project selection and development, procurement and contracting as well as the day to day management of a project. The Node reports administratively to the Contracting Authority and functionally to the PPP Unit.

For mode details on the establishment and functions of a PPP Node, please refer to section 17 of the PPP Act 2013.